July 30, 2012

ready for school

Since I knew that Louise and Charlotte would need bags for their first year at school, I started sketching what they would look like. 
They had to be big enough for a trouser, a pair of socks, a tee-shirt and a sweater... 
I started thinking about the size of the bag, how to carry it.... and finally completed my customised pattern.
My daughters being away for two weeks (thanks to my parents), I could work on them at my own pace...
This was a pretty easy project, except for the shoulders straps which really took a long time to make...
I am so proud of the result:

I hope my daughters also like them... ;-)))

July 23, 2012

My first cushion!!!

I finally made it!!! my first cushion!!!
I didn't want to put a zipper or button holes... I needed a tutorial for a cushion cover but more like a pillow cover. And I found it on this blog (in French).
I had to adapt it to the size of my cushion. Then I cut, I ironed, I stitched, I pinned, I stitched again, I cut the corners, I turned in inside out...

and tah da:

My beloved husband is amazed.
This lovely cushion is feeling a little bit lonely. Some friends will join next week ;-)))

July 22, 2012

Knitting on a train...

First time I knit on a train! So far I have not felt trainsick.... What about you? Where do you like knitting?

July 20, 2012

My favorites of the week...

# 1 blog
for her "green" approach and her love for colours

# 1 event
The Knit party of the "Pelotes Soniques" in Bordeaux (France).... because knitting on a boat with friends and some fresh beverages on a warm day is even better!!!

# 1 pattern
Ysolda is amazing us again with something to warm up our necks this winter - Marin.

July 15, 2012

Equation of the day

Thread + a needle + felt....

= a colourful flower in this grey and cold summer in Paris

Thanks again to The Coletterie for this great tutorial.
It is super easy... so why don't you try it?

July 14, 2012


I started knitting my shoulder-warmer....

I just love the colour and the yarn is really easy to knit (100% washable wool - colour chosen by Citronille)

July 07, 2012

Suzon Grisou also cooks

Apple pie - 100% handmade (including the short crust pastry)

July 04, 2012

Tea time....

I could not resist buying this colour of wool (Tisane - meaning "herbal tea" - from Citronille).

What am I going to knit with this?
- a shoulder-warmer for me (not sure it is the proper name in English - click on the link)
- another sweater for my daughters

July 02, 2012

Felt mix

I was not expecting to find felt in this craft/art shop called Graphigro (in Paris - 15th district).

This is exactly what I needed to start working on nice projects:
heart barrettes for Louise and Charlotte
- Xmas ornaments (I know, it is a bit too early)
and I need to go back there and purchase some white felt to make some tooth fairy bags...
Thanks to The Purl Bee for all those creative ideas!

July 01, 2012

Capri pant - tested and approved by my daughter

Although I thought this capri pant should be shorter, Louise is thrilled to wear a handmade pant!