June 30, 2012

Another sweater?

I have just completed another sweater, once again following a Citronille pattern.

Very easy to knit, thanks to Astrid' really clear explanations.

June 29, 2012

Capri pant - I finally made it!

After the complete disaster (on June, 18th), I unstitched all the different pieces, I washed them so that one cannot see that the fabric had already been stitched, I ironed again all the parts and I started thinking about how to assemble the capri pant.
I finally opted for a different approach: assemble the front and back of each leg and then assemble the two legs together.
Here we go!

I couldn't manage stitching the two legs together in just one go. But I am pretty satisfied with the result.

Thanks again to Astrid for her easy and ideal for beginners patterns (Les intemporels pour Enfants - in French).

June 18, 2012

Complete disaster....

I started assembling and sewing my capri pant (age 4) tonight.
I was about to stitch the very last part when I realised that there was a problem. The last pieces did not match at all (at least 1 inch difference on each leg...).
I checked all the parts to try to identify where the problem was coming from... but in vain!!!
And it was getting to late to be able to think properly. So, I started unstitching with my new best friend, the seam ripper.

seam ripper

I took the assembling instructions to show to Mylene tomorrow. She will certainly have a clue.
I knew this was going to happen to me one day and it was tonight. First of many times I guess.
Good night!

June 10, 2012

5 meters of cutting and overcasting

This weekend, I am preparing the different pieces of a capri pants (age 2, this time).
First step, cutting....

then, overcasting

The first piece was hard for me because I needed practice but the other 3 went almost fine.
I still have some difficulties with being right at the edge of the fabric though - even using the larger stitch...
I definitely need more practice!!!! Practice makes perfect!

June 05, 2012

Strange hand-written notes

It is good to have a knitting pattern to follow when you are a beginner. But when it comes to increasing/decreasing stitches in a row or changing types of stitches… I need to prepare each row on a piece of paper. When I made my first jumper, I didn’t do this and I ended up unraveling several rows many times until I got it right.

It might sound odd… but at least I can follow my work row by row and have it finished in just one go.
What about you? Do you have tips to share?

June 03, 2012

Handmade hair slide

I have just made this hair slide for Mylene’s daughter’s 6th birthday.
She is thrilled and so am I.

I was inspired by a PurlBee tutorial.