May 29, 2012

Strolling around the Marché St Pierre in Paris

I suddenly realised that I have never told you about my journey to the Marché Saint Pierre (in Paris, France).
It was raining cats and dogs but it didn’t stop me.
Equipped with an umbrella and a map made just for me by a regular visitor (my dear Laurence), I went out of the metro station and headed to the Place Saint Pierre, near Montmartre. I came across several tiny shops and finally dived into an Ali Baba’s cave, the Tissus Reine (Reine’s fabrics). There were literally hundreds and hundreds of fabrics!!! OMG, Where should I start?
I was feeling a little bit lost among all those regular shoppers… Take it easy, Suzon. Just act as an expert and touch, appraise the quality of the fabrics. There were so many I fancied!!!! But I tried to focus my attention on my future projects.
I went up to the haberdashery section and then left the Tissus Reine to explore the other shops.
Next stop: coupons Saint-Pierre… where you can find cheap and nice fabrics but you have to really search for them = 2 remnants found.
I looked at my watch…. Already….. I was going to be late to my appointment!
One last round at Dreyfus’ next door… and a magnificent fabric, found at the quilting section.
Phew!!! Mission accomplished.
I can’t wait to  go back there…..

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