September 19, 2012

Homemade yogurt - second try

A week ago, I received my Seb "yogurt machine"...
I could not wait but I missed one of the key ingredients: powdered milk.
I convinced myself that it did not matter and that I should give it a try anyway.
In addition, I did not dilute enough the base yogurt (that you need for the ferments).
I was not really satisfied or confident with what I was doing and the result was not up to my expectations. To be honest, I have a sweet memory of the homemade yogurts I made during my summer vacations at my grandparents near Arcachon.

But, I could not stop after this failure.... I bought powdered milk, a new base yogurt et tried again....
I also followed the instructions on the yogurt machine manual (it can certainly help).
Tomorrow is the verdict.
Of course, I keep you posted!!!

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